Thursday, October 10, 2013

Solana Beach’s 4-square Italy

What’s not to love in San Diego when it already has a little Italy in it? Las Vegas Times said that walking in the streets of Cedros is like a stroll down in a charming European side street. What adds up to Cedros’ Italian vibe are the mid-century buildings that were renovated to be outlets. Cedros Design District in Solana Beach CA is a berth of art with its over 85 unique shops. It is quite surprising
that there are no two shops that are totally alike!

As one of the shopping districts in San Diego, Cedros has outlets that sellapparels, jewelries, specialty items, home furnishings and decors. It’s not only the place that’sspecial, but also the items that are being sold. The designers of the pieces are devoted in making unique quality items whichcannot be found in malls -- making their products more exclusive.Truly a shining example why real estate in San Diego stays strong.

But if you are now thinking that Cedros is just a place for shopping, let me cut your conclusion by telling that there are also events in Cedrosthat the everyone looks forward to. One is Cedros Design District Gallery Nights. It’s the time of the month when new exhibits are showcased while live music is playing in the background. Gallery Nights are usually held every 3rd Thursday of the month. Aside from the monthly District Gallery Night, people are also looking forward to Sundays for it is the time to purchase a variety of organic food in Cedros Avenue Market. The market is held during Sundays only, from 2pm-5pm.

While art is the only way to run without leaving home, according to Twyla Tharp, you may consider living through art by experiencing all of these by purchasing a Solana Beach real estate. Imagine living everyday seeing art and breathing art. Relaxing, right?