Friday, September 20, 2013

Must-See Attractions In San Diego

Are you planning to visit San Diego? Or are you considering to move in San Diego? Well, here's something to convince you that this place is one of the best in California!

Here is a list of some of the many attractions that you should never miss once you come to San Diego...

Balboa Park - this park is ranked as one of the best parks in the world! This great park houses a total of 15 major museums in the area. Among the cultural institutions and museums that can be found here are the following: Centro Cultural de la Raza, San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) and WorldBeat Center.

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LEGOLAND California Resort - if you want to have some fun with your family and friends, then you should never miss Legoland! There are over 60 rides to choose from, and amazing shows and attractions to keep your days filled with fun. Legoland Hotel has been conducting business since April 2013, so you can go ahead and spend the night right at the heart of Legoland!

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San Diego Zoo - a must-see place in Southern California. If you want to witness monkeys play and how many other wild animals go about their daily lives inside their man-made habitat, then San Diego Zoo is the place for you. It is one of the those places where children and adults alike would enjoy.

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SeaWorld San Diego - is a visit to San Diego Zoo not enough for you? From land animals, why don't you take a peek into the world of amazing fish, turtles and all sea animals? SeaWorld San Diego has everything you will look for in a sea adventure - from thrilling rides to fantastic shows, it's all in here.

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What do you think about these places? Have you been in any of these? Share your thoughts with us!

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