Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Places of Interest in San Diego, California

It is of no doubt that San Diego, California is one of the top tourist destinations in United States. Extremely family-friendly and exciting to the eyes, San Diego always tops the list of family destinations that offers a variety of attractions, family activities, shops and more!

1.) Balboa Park
Dubbed as one of the most popular urban cultural parks in North America, the Balboa Park is a 1,400 acres park that prides itself for its scenic landmarks and attractions. Surrounded by tall green trees and old fountains, this exquisite park lures tourist around the world, and locals as wells, especially if you’re a photo-enthusiast. Not to mention its proximity to luxurious homes that inspires elegance and beauty on architectural design.

Named after the Spanish explorer Nuñez de Balboa, the Panama-California Exposition that took place here in San Diego to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal  in 1915-16 left architectural landscapes while maintaining its natural beauty.

Located on the east of the city, the Balboa Park hosts more than 25 museums of all kinds. Its set-up allows locals and tourist to just stroll around enjoying the morning sun or the afternoon breeze with minimal expense.
2.) Sea World
SeaWorld is an animal theme park, oceanariums that operates in Orlando, Florida; San Antonio, Texas; and yes, you guessed it right, in San Diego, California.

Next to the Balboa park, people who aren’t well-versed in San Diego, California should go and visit this animal park to watch different marine creatures perform. Though the theme park is not recommended for thrill-seekers, SeaWorld is nonetheless famous for their children-friendly shows and attractions.

3.) Legoland
Thirty minutes north of the city, Legoland California Resort is a Lego-themed resort that opened in March 20, 1999. It is currently the first Legoland park to open outside Europe and the third of its kind.

Complete with a theme park, water park, aquarium for sea life and a newly operated hotel, this theme and miniature park is solely based on the Lego toy brand manufactured in Denmark. It offers an astounding view and surprise to the Lego-fanatics, and not exclusively to things molded on the ever-famous toy building blocks, the Lego Cities!

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