Thursday, May 9, 2013

Quick Tips When Moving To A New House

Hooray! You’re finally moving! It is a very exciting prospect but it can also be a very unnerving one. Well, that is because there are surveys that named moving to a new house as one of the most stressful phases that everyone has to deal with. Given the amount of things to do and not to do, let’s give the surveys the benefit of speaking truly to whatever result they came up with.
With a lot of things to be remembered, some mischances are just bound to happen like forgetting the house key, misplacing important documents somewhere and such. Luckily, all of these can be easily avoided if:

1.       Your moving expenses
Before deciding whether to move or not, the most logical thing to do is to check if you have enough funds needed for all the transactions required. Make a very detailed record of all the possible expenses that you’re going to make. Starting from setting an appointment with a realtor to truck movers you’re going to avail. Of course don’t forget the house’sprice in this.
If there is one thing you should never do on this item is to be frugal; we’re not telling you however to go crazy and waste your fortune away. What this simply means is to assume every cost that you may encounter along the way. This may include additional fees or other miscellaneous expenses that are worth noting.
2.       Important documents
Let’s face it; nobody wants to trouble themselves by going over lost documents over different government offices. These documents include passport, tax statements, credit reports and such. Imagine the hassle and effort just to have another copy of your lost college transcript! That is why it’s very important to keep these documents where they can be safely stored and easily accessed. If you’re going to employ truck movers, best to leave a space in your car for a box dedicated to important documents.
3.       Inventory
If there is one you don’t want to happen, it’s losing an item along the way. Since most people would often donate or sell some items before they move, it is highly advisable to write an inventory of all the things you might need before packing. Make the list long if you wish to. As you pack, decide every item that passes in your hand if are really going to need this in your new home. Be specific and prudent for every item you wish to add is another to weigh you down. After doing so, create another list detailing its specific location. You make it less onerous by following a color-coded list (like blue box means kitchen items, yellow means bathroom and so on).

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