Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rancho Santa Fe, California is Among the Top 10 Wealthiest Zip Codes in U.S.

                 Zip codes may just be nothing but random set of numbers, but like personal things, they say a lot of meaningful information regarding the owner.

                In the record released by Internal Revenue Service of 2010, the latest information available, New York, NY topped the list of being the richest zip code in U.S. In fact, seven out of the top ten richest zip codes are occupied by the New York, NY only varying its specific zip codes. The top three zip codes heading the countdown are 10111, 10167 and 10286 respectively.
rancho santa fe house          Though it failed to occupy any seat on the 2010 top 10 list, San Diego is boasting the entry of Rancho Santa Fe on the 38th spot. Though relatively small with just 3, 117 residents, this community has an estimated income per return of $372, 108. But perhaps this is the strongest selling point of Rancho Santa Fe, the exclusivity and to be able to cater luxurious living without overcrowding. The community prides itself anyway on its San Diego real estate listings.
            But that was last 2010.
            In an article released by USA Today last November 2012, the latest information available, this exclusive neighborhood jumped right from the 38th spot to the 7th! This has put Rancho Santa Fe a $3.29 million median list price.
                Clearly, the basis of the IRS 2010 data and USA Today 2012 article was different from one another explaining the difference of Rancho Santa Fe’s position. However, this is more than enough to explain that there are communities outside the bustling streets of other U.S. cities that could provide luxurious living without sacrificing your personal needs.

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