Friday, June 28, 2013

Mid-2013 Home Design Trends

                 We’re halfway down on 2013 but home design trends for this year are far from over. Both old and new trend designs are constantly showcasing itself on the horizon to provide a numerous options to the homeowners. Who wouldn’t want to design their own house anyway? What you see in your surrounding on a daily basis pretty much affects your entire life! It reflects you and your personality; and the more synced your house is, the more re
laxed you’ll be and be able to perform well in life.

                As the real estate industry continues on its upward journey after the economic blow, the focus now on how to mold your own house according to your liking is much less on the size but maximizing the potentials of every room. Here are some of hot trends in home design that is not just hip but is expected to be so until probably next year.
                NOTE: All the photos featured here are actual La Jolla real estate properties.

An inviting kitchen

A kitchen is normally a place for whoever the cook the is. It is their personal space where they work alone under a minimize crowd number. However, over the years, kitchens are slowly becoming larger and more spacey to adapt to the changing idea of a lone cook. Typical kitchen utensils are no longer the subject of modern day kitchen but the people in it. Guests and crowds are beginning to be fan of homey kitchens that is why:

"We're moving toward a more organic modernism with warm, modern materials that look vintage: slate, irregular floors, weathered concrete, natural crackle-glazed tiles that look handmade. Less slick kitchens!" Peter Dunham

Black and White

Over the years, the combination of both black and white has created countless art décor. Sophisticated, sexy and stunning, these colors have a very neutral palette and can blend to other house furniture with shouting colors or antics with their dry chrome. Plus, these classic colors can leave just enough space for homeowners to experiment more.

Wood, wood, wood!

The best quality of using wood is its ability to provide a very natural look. They are very calming to look at and the visual texture it provides speaks volume.

"I hope people start looking at period furniture again — beautiful old pieces to mix with modern ones. Why pay $12,000 for a new chest of drawers when you can buy a gorgeous handmade faded mahogany thing at auction for $1,200?" — Bunny Williams

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