Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Trinity of House Hunting

       It is perhaps part of the American dream that makes us tend to move more often than any other people because of our job. Different states, different opportunities, mayhaps? Throughout my professional career, I have known a great deal of people, both personal and client, who had moved at least three times just to answer the calling of their well-dreamed job. To be honest, moving from one house to the other is not an easy task.

       A house is a very important commodity in our life. It is the ultimate symbol of our personal space, a proud bearing of all the hardships we've endured. A house reflects everything there is on the owner. That is why when you are thinking of buying a new house, there are lots of things that need to be considered. Some people tend to overlook these details as they are completely blindsided by the beauty of the house. Generally, there are three things that one should consider before rushing to the nearest real estate agent for contract signing. Remember, this just an internal check list and does not encompass the entire rule of buying a new house.
                Might as well we’re on the topic, the first thing you probably should be doing is checking  some San Diego real estate listing. Of course, the location varies where you plan to move but the idea is to help you limit and meet your specifications according to your needs and desires. You can consider this as data gathering. Do you need some extra rooms for children, library or pets? Do you need lots of space because of the nature of your work? Do you need a lawn? Why and why not? By checking various listing, you can now envision the principal blueprint of you desired home to fit your lifestyle. The result, when you come across a very beautiful house, your realistic specifications can kick in and become more practical.
                Have you heard the real estate joke about what’s the most important selling point of a real state property? It has three if you still haven’t heard it: location, location and LOCATION.
                It may sound an exaggeration but location occupies the the three most important things you must consider when buying a home. Besides, what’s the point of buying a new home when you have to drive five miles a day just for a pinch of human civilization and a decent cellphone signal, right?
                Lastly, but definitely not the least, is the budget. Will you be able to sustain your other needs if you have a mortgage letter visiting your mail every time? Will you be able to handle the pressure of ups and downs of our economy? If you’re hesitant to the two questions beforehand, then you should probably reconsider some deep thinking before buying a real estate property. It would be horrible to finish a mortgage plane with a family who’s nothing but sticks and bones after.

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