Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Real Estate Myths Debunked!

The real estate industry is a sensitive business in nature that it tends to have some of the most conflicting and craziest idea yet. Watch the news and they will tell you that the US housing is speeding its way to recovery; read a news article on the other hand and it will tell you that the entire US housing will pop liker a bubble before the quarter ends. So many data, so many interpretations, so many things to sort out whether this or that is true or not. So honestly, who’s to believe?

                Though there is still lot to be seen from this, one mustn’t rest on whatever information one has offered. We should learn to filter these data and leave the most unimportant out.

1.       (For home sellers) Always start with your lowest offer
If you’re a home seller anxious to have your property dispose, you better prepare yourself for some major disappointments because there are no fast strategies to get this done. Starting from the lowest offer you could give will give you nowhere.
On a home buyer’s perspective, an underpriced home would look suspicious. Was the house a drug den before? Was a gruesome murder took place on that house? I say true to you that the last thing you want to do is scaring your prospect buyers off.

2.      (For home buyers) I could find more homes if I call more than one agent
Maybe. Maybe not. Truth be told, employing a handful of real estate agents won’t actually do good. Remember that having ten extra agents mean ten extra people buggering you every day.

3.      (For other real estate agents, like me) The most successful salesperson are born, not made
Wrong on so many different levels.  Yes, people may have better communication skills and charm due to the environment that they grew up to but that doesn’t mean no one can compete against them. With excellent training, perseverance and constant exposure to the industry, potential on marketing could be unlocked!

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