Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Summer is Still the Best Time for You to Buy a Home

We’re in mid-Summer where the days are longer than nights and people wear bright and shouting colors of clothes. During summer, many people take advantage of the blissful warmth that the sun provides. Little they did know that aside from that, summer is also the best season to buy a house. Why? Here’s why:

1.       Good mood is good everything
For starters, a good weather puts everyone in good mood. A good mood can easily be equated to good discussions and a decent closing deal. Seriously, I’ve been in the business for quite too long and I have to say that it is not easy dealing with people who has a certain irritation to seasons. Not only that they get annoyed most of the time (which can be set aside for professionalism), their bad moods can ruin the entire set-up.
And usually, fall triggers some allergic reactions to clients bought by the falling leaves. Besides, dead leaves reminding buyers of the leaves they have to rake during fall is to snow they have to shovel when winter comes.
2.       School is on sleep mode
There are thousands of other details that have to be considered before buying a home. If you’re a moving family with kids, schooling expectedly tops other trivial things. While school is out, summer allows buyers to roam and check prospect schools for transferring. Sporadically speaking, changing school is a big deal as much as moving houses.
3.       New listings during summer!

Late springs and early to late summers are typically the seasons when homeowners would enlist their property. Not only that they are well-aware that tons of homeowners are coming, they also take advantage on the second idea mentioned, the school! That's probably the right time one should start lloking at home listings like San Diego real estate listings

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